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The Soup Peddler

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The Soup Peddler
(2004) 30:00 DV

The slow food movement moves on a bike in Austin, where David Ansel delivers gallons of hand-made soup to subscribers, otherwise known as "soupies", all over the city. Ansel believes that Americans are especially alienated from food, and that his all natural, tenderly-concocted recipes allow people to eat well with a conscience. He proves that livable, connected neighborhoods can support human-scale, environmentally-responsible micro-businesses such as his.

David and I are currently working on a treatment for The Soup Peddler travel-cooking show. The Soup Peddler globe trots in search of the world's best soups.

Orginally shot in 2004, the original film was re-released in 2007 with a new original score by Austin-based composer Jake Scarbrough. It gives a unique view into the early days and humble beginnings of the Soup Peddler, the community he has created around his business, and his endearing relationship with his bicycle.


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Rooftop Films, NYC
Rooftop Films Traveling Film Series
Austin Film Festival
Boulder International Film Festival
PBS - KUT affiliate, December 19, 2004
PBS - Natural Heroes 2005 broadcast season
Slow Food Film Festival, Corto in Bra, Italy
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