Repetition (With Variation)

Let Them Eat Cake

The Soup Peddler

Doubting Darwin


Beak Labs is a new project that I cofounded with my husband, Lee Billington. We create social engagement installations using emerging forms of technology and new media to explore real and digital connections. Visit for samples and video.

Tomlinson Hill (working title) is a documentary film that investigates racial issues through the very personal story of the last remaining descendant of a Texas slave plantation, Tomlinson Hill. Former Associated Press Africa bureau chief Chris Tomlinson investigates the common heritage he shares with a descendant of the slaves of Tomlinson Hill, one of which is professional football player LaDainian Tomlinson. Chris explores the family histories of these two very different Tomlinsons and their contrary experiences with race in America and abroad.

Swang and the Real You
A short documentary for the agency, Mother London, this project explored the theme, "what is the real you".

Shooting for the Stars is a documentary-style program that I directed and shot. I followed Austin's Latin hip-hop band, Los Bad Apples as they toured four US Middle Eastern military bases in February, 2009.

The project filmed in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Kyrgyzstan.

Surveillance & You
Produced and Directed by Mark Westmoreland and Lisa Kaselak. Animation by Ben Hodges. Music by Jake Scarbrough at Lush Logic.

A short education film I co-produced and co-directed with Mark Westmoreland sardonically titled "Surveillance and You," was created for the STS program at the University of Texas. This program explores what individuals should know about how technology is changing the landscape of surveillance in the United States.